established in the year of the latest north-american [madras] total solar eclipse

wholly concordant method (including absolute islamic way of life, kabbalah, protochristian revelation, and elements of the creation).

the time has now brought forth the sun [light] with the messenger within.

after forty days, the sun, due its resurrection, now rests for three days.

the time has now brought forth and into the existence entirely new sun.

(sol 3323 [uncorr. nov. 11], mercury transit; solu 3354-3356, robiel, vah[a] (vag) of sattu[rn], ascended to san francisco's mount parnassus and
the mount of olives, geminids [castor] meteor shower; sol 3363-3365, sun, spiraling southward, appears to expire around 119.47*, the pole's
guardians; sol 4001 [the new year begins], sun, spiraling northward, now appears to be "reborn".)

gregorian calendar [:corrupted "book of accounts":] is untrue by about 1000 years (a.d.j.586 changed to 1586, anno j620 changed to 1620, etc.).[]